General Mailing Services

What is the current postage pricing for first-class mail?

Effective July 9, 2023, the following rates reflect university departmental postage pricing:
• Metered First Class 1 oz. $0.66
• Metered First Class Additional 1 oz. $0.24
• First Class Postcard $0.54

Where do I find information on how to mail to my students?

Student mail is handled by The UPS Store on campus. For more information, please visit the Student Mail page.

What is my mail code?

To find your mail code, go to the mail codes section of this site.

How can I update/correct my mail code?

To make changes to Office Location, Mail Code, Title/Role or Department, please contact your departmental HR representative.

What is the address format for departments?

The address format for departments is the following:


Recipient Name
P.O. Box Number*


FSUCard Center
Carry A Card

How can I request my mail to be held?

Contact FSU Postal Services:
Email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

Panama City Campus Courier

University departmental mail between the Tallahassee and Panama City campuses is processed as Inter-Campus Mail. Please clearly address the parcel with the specific department, recipient name, and Mail Code 1099. Deliveries are processed Monday through Thursday.

How do I forward mail?

Contact FSU Postal Services:
Email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

Can I receive personal mail through FSU Postal Services?

Faculty and Staff are not authorized to receive personal mail or parcels at the University through FSU Postal Services or the Campus Mail System. Click here for more information.


Postal Tracking

Why hasn't my department received an email notification from Postal Tracking?

To receive an email notification, an item must be addressed to an individual. If an item is addressed to a department, no email notification is sent.

What happens if delivery of my mail is attempted, but I am unavailable?

FSU Postal Services will attempt to deliver at a later date and you will be notified via email of the attempted delivery.

Can I track my freight deliveries?

The system is not currently set up to track freight deliveries.

How can I opt out of receiving Postal Tracking email notifications?

As a member of FSU’s email system, you cannot opt-out of email notifications.

General Shipping Services (FedEx)

Why use FedEx over any other mailing service provider?

Recent changes in fuel surcharges, shipping fees, and increased delivery costs have created a need to change the University’s carrier to provide the best available pricing for the campus community. This initiative will serve all University locations within Florida and departments will have access to a full range of cost-competitive, value-driven shipping solutions.

Current departmental UPS iShip users received an initial communication about the transition and will receive their “official” welcome email from Postal Services on Friday, April 22, 2022, to set up their new FSU FedEx account. This service offers the same benefits as the iShip program such as:

  • Outbound package pickup as part of your normal mail pickup; bulk pickup options are available
  • Centralized invoicing and billing under your annual Postal Services PO
  • Customer support for FedEx shipping issues

For additional questions, contact FSU Postal Services.

What information do I need to ship my package?

The Recipient's Address, your DepartmentID+Fund, and Purchase Order (Purchase Order Guide) number. Project is available as an additional field.

Who do I contact for general supplies?

To see what supplies are available, visit fedex.com/en-us/shipping/packing.html.
To order supplies, visit fedex.com/ordersupplies/wols.do?method=initOrderSupplies&locale=en_US and login with your FedEx Ship Manager Account.

What are International shipping dimensions?

International packages do not require metric conversions for dimension descriptions.

What address do I provide for shipping?

Provide your department's university address and the recipient's address. Enter the correct physical/shipping address, based on the list from campus facilities.

How do I reconcile our shipping invoices?

Search ‘Financial Journals’ for the associated journal entry with attachments. Search the attached Excel document using the full tracking number in Long Note.

Can I use a Purchase Card (P-card) to pay for shipping?

No - purchase cards are not currently being used.

How do I print a return shipping label?

Click here for a quick and easy guide on how to prepare and send a University Departmental FedEx Return Label.
*Remember to include the Purchase Order (PO) number and Department ID to ensure the correct department is charged.
*The University FedEx Account Number is for official use only. Do not share it with anyone or use it for personal shipping.

Who do I contact if I have any service or technical issues?

Contact FSU Postal Services via email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

Is the FedEx Ship Manger and service available to regional campuses?

Yes - this initiative will serve all University locations within Florida, and departments will have access to the full range of cost-competitive, value-driven shipping solutions.

How do I ship internationally?

Departments should be using FedEx for foreign and domestic shipments. FedEx delivers to all countries except those countries prohibited by the US State Department. FSU Postal Services can schedule on-site international shipping training for those departments needing training.

How can we receive bulk pickup of our shipment?

Contact Postal Service to schedule bulk pickup:  email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

How soon do I need to schedule/have packages ready?

As soon as possible.

FedEx Ship Manager

What is FedEx Ship Manager?

FedEx Ship Manager is a cloud-based shipping platform.

How does FedEx Ship Manager work?

FedEx Ship Manager is a web-based shipping solution allowing customers to centrally manage shipping activities using only a web browser. Customers can download an easy-to-use browser interface that enables them to quickly prepare shipments, print shipping labels, and track their shipments. University departments are provided a FedEx Ship Manager account by FSU Postal Services and ship using FSU Postal Service's FedEx #. FSU Postal Services bills departments against their Postal PO weekly in OMNI. 

Can I ship to a PO Box using FedEx Ship Manager?

No - FedEx Ship Manager will only deliver to a physical street address.

How do I create a FedEx Ship Manager account?

To create an account, you must contact FSU Postal Services: email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

I have an existing/old FedEx account – can I use it?

Do not use an existing/old FedEx account if you want to take advantage of the new pricing and internal billing. You must create a new account under the FSU Postal Services account: email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

What is required to use this service?

Your personal university email address and your shipping address must originate within the United States. You must also have a valid PO for Postal Services set up for the current Fiscal Year (Purchase Order Guide). Your browser must have the latest version of JavaScript and be set to accept cookies.

How do I register for an FedEx Ship Manager User ID and Password?

Contact FSU Postal Services to create an account: email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

How do I login into FedEx Ship Manager?

Login to FedEx Ship Manager https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/ship-manager.html.

  • Choose FedEx Ship Manager (not Lite).

How do I change my password, set application defaults, or view my account or carrier information?

Once logged in to FedEx Shipping Manager, click the My Profile link near the top of the main page.

What is my account number?

FedEx Ship Manager is not based on an individual account number. All participants will fall under the FSU Postal Services account.

What if I don't know my Purchase Order number?

Contact your department's budget manager.

How do I sign up for training on the FedEx Ship Manager system?

Contact FSU Postal Services to request additional information on training: email postal@fsu.edu or call (850) 644-2794.

Where are FedEx dropboxes located?