Departmental Shipping Services

UPS logoThe Office of Business Services is proudly partnered with UPS to serve the delivery needs of the Florida State University campus community.

Start Shipping Today:

  1. Please use either of the contacts below to set up your account:
    Call: (850)644-2794
  2. Order Supplies: Call 1-800-877-1497 or Email:
    You will need #372951 for supply orders - for a list of supplies click here
  3. Start Shipping!


  • Savings of 10% or more on shipping services over FedEx*
  • Overnight ground delivery where the University needs it most, offering substantial savings over Air and Express shipments**
  • Multiple pick-up options (FSU Postal Services Office, or On-Campus UPS Drop Boxes), eliminating pick-up fees
  • 1-truck delivery for all levels of shipping = less traffic on campus

*Based on Florida DMS Comparison

**In-state shipping, based on FSU’s shipping history

Important Information:

  • Departments that do not utilize the UPS iShip System will incur additional service fees (including shipping directly from The UPS Store on campus.)
  • UPS iShip provides an estimate based on the information (i.e. shipping location, package size, etc.) submitted by the department. Shipping costs will be finalized once the weight and size of the package is verified by UPS.
  • Packages shipped to FSU from outside of Florida may not receive the same discount as packages that originate from FSU.
  • UPS will only deliver shipments to a valid street address. P.O. boxes are not accepted.